telling miracle stories

There are few things as inspiring as hearing someone tell about an amazing answer to prayer that they have experienced in their own life. Miracle stories highlight God's creative power and ability to transform the most hopeless situations and turn them into something beautiful. Those who have experienced a miracle often overflow with enthusiasm for the Lord. Their faith is contagious!

An important part of your job as a prayer leader is to make sure that these prayer stories are shared effectively in your church so that everyone can hear how God is answering their prayers. 

You could simply send them up front to share their story with the congregation. In some cases, this will be the best way to do it. However, you will often find that simply giving people free-reign on the microphone will mean a long, winding testimony that highlights unimportant details rather than the important points of the story and runs overtime. 

There is a better way: the miracle story interview. 

This guide by Caron Oswald, a veteran Adventist communicator and prayer warrior, will help you prepare for the initial interview of the person who experienced the miracle story, as well as show you how to effectively help them tell their story.

Miracle Story Interviews