The Power of Blessing

God isn't the only one who gives blessings. We are also called to bless those around us.

Blessings are about the power of words.

Blessings start in the Book of Genesis and continue through Revelation.  They are mentioned over 700 times.

Our words are containers that carry either creative or destructive power toward the people in our lives, including children. 

"You were called for this very purpose that you might inherit a blessing" (1 Peter 3:9).

Learn why blessings matter, what it means to bless others in the name of God, and how to give a blessing in the resources below:

Prayers of Blessing - A PowerPoint presentation for teaching others how to give blessings.  This presentation demonstrates the power of blessing and teaches how to bless others in God's name. I

Power of Blessing (Handout) - Covers the five parts of a blessing and the four types of blessings, as well as practical ways to bless your family and others around you.

The Power of Speaking Blessings Into Your Children's Life (Handout) - Our words have the power to give life and hope to our children or to destroy them for life and eternity. Learn why blessing your children matters, how to bless them, and powerful promises of blessing to speak into your children's lives.